01 Our Services

Mavis is a sector-specific player for retailers and full service generalists from strategic consulting to the creation and design to implementation and evaluation of outcome and success.

02 Why us?

As partners in trade we provide experience, innovative power and courage so as to maximize your success today and in future - particularly in times of ongoing change.

Why do we believe to be a good partner and what differentiates us from others?

innovation inspiration scientific backing creative network flexibility process quality

03 What we do for whom

  • 04 Who we are

  • Jana Koschoreck

    Jana Koschoreck

    Senior Realization Manager

  • Svenja Hausmann

    Svenja Hausmann

    Realization Manager

  • Agnessa Kalmykova

    Agnessa Kalmykova

    Trainee Team Realization

  • Dr. Birgit Etz

    Dr. Birgit Etz

    Human Resources Manager

  • Carina Kirchmann

    Carina Kirchmann

    Marketing student / Team Realization

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  • Oda Schultz

    Oda Schultz


  • Pia Czobottar

    Pia Czobottar

    Junior Art Director

  • Thomas Spieker

    Thomas Spieker


  • Jonas Scherzer

    Jonas Scherzer

    Trainee Team Realization

  • Astrid Hedrich

    Astrid Hedrich

    Senior Realization Manager

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  • Michael Kuhlmann

    Michael Kuhlmann

    Senior Client Manager

  • Thomas Tiefes

    Thomas Tiefes

    Realization Manager

  • Birte Perkuhn

    Birte Perkuhn

    Junior Art Director

  • Daniela Wolff

    Daniela Wolff

    Editor VMW

  • Florian Schiffer

    Florian Schiffer

    Head of Strategy

  • Jana Schilling

    Jana Schilling

    Junior Realization Manager

  • René Tilly

    René Tilly

    Managing Director

  • Daniela Kuhl

    Daniela Kuhl

    Senior Finance Manager

  • Stephan Küsters

    Stephan Küsters

    Development und Sourcing Manager

  • Axel Schultz

    Axel Schultz

    Creative Director

  • Thomas Etz

    Thomas Etz

    CEO / Founder

  • Thomas Bugiel

    Thomas Bugiel

    Head of Client Management

  • Monja Modric

    Monja Modric

    Realization Manager

  • Marina von Morr

    Marina von Morr

    Head of Business Development

  • André Hübscher

    André Hübscher

    Senior Realization Manager

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  • Meik Steuber

    Meik Steuber

    Senior Art Director

  • 05 Who we look for

    We are an interdisciplinary team that comes up creative solutions for our customers with joy, passion and a sense of lateral thinking.

    Our ambition is to develop the best results for our customers, through reflection, inspiration and a wealth of ideas. Fun and joy are vital.

    Our team is characterized by a transparent and open communication culture. Besides flat hierarchies and open doors, respect, honesty and reliability form the basis for our excellent collaboration.

    We are seeking new employees and colleagues, who captivate us with their energy, share new ideas and devote their efforts to achieve results.

  • 06 Press

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    14 Fragen an Thomas Etz

  • Virtuelle Welt

    Virtuelle Welt

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  • Experience Store „exp37“ zeigt neue Tools

    Experience Store „exp37“ zeigt neue Tools

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    Labors für den Retail von morgen

  • Das Markenerlebnis zelebrieren

    Das Markenerlebnis zelebrieren

  • Front Row Society Concept Store

    Front Row Society Concept Store

  • The 'no-line experience'

    The 'no-line experience'

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    07 Where we come from


    Reformstau (logjam of reform) is the word of the year in Germany. Retail is again reporting a further decline in sales, for the sixth consecutive year. Factory outlets are seen as a great danger. Google goes online.

    The logjam of reforms in retail bhas become obvious: in branding, shopping and the initiation of linking processes stationary and only. Thomas Etz founds mavis.


    Retail sales have been shrinking continuously since 2001, while the consumption climate remains weak. Zara replaces H & M as the top-selling brand, Skype and Facebook enter the market.

    mavis exceeds the threshold of € 1 million fee volume and is now well focused after the first experimental years. Thomas Spieker becomes a partner.


    Trading grew by 3.1 per cent overall, and online trading by 12 per cent. Factory outlets are no longer an issue. We are talking about Connected Retail, Customer Journey and Content Marketing.

    mavis generates more than EUR 8 million in royalties with 30 fixed and 15 freelance employees in the three business areas of Strategy, Design and Realization.

    08 Contact


    Mavis GmbH
    Plange Mühle 2
    40221 Düsseldorf
    +49(0)211 54 200 00


    Tannenstraße 37
    40476 Düsseldorf


    Marina von Morr
    Head of Business Development
    +49(0)211 54 200 040